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This new product is designed to provide free access to the chest and the back. Weighing just 3-pounds, this versatile system provides 50-pounds of lift, and is reusable for 100s of activations—just change the cylinder. There are no costly re-arm elements.


Automatic inflation can be programmed to occur at any depth or any time.

The remote button, besides causing inflation, informs the user of the current mode, and can stop inflation for one-minute increments.

Waterproof to 200 feet.

Totally reusable, with no re-arm cost.


Rescue handle makes it easy to extract from the water.


Unlike other life vests, it is easy to swim with the inflated vest.





The vest softgoods by Drift Dry feature a streamlined footprint using the arm to retain the vest and to hide the inflation bladders from the valuable real estate at the chest and back. The vest is designed to always deliver the unconscious or injured user face up on the surface. A strap in the back allows users to be pulled from the water. An over-pressure valve allows the use of any size cylinder. Larger cylinders provide more lift at depth, and the system will not rupture. It may be reused indefinitely. Use the oral tube for manual inflation, and the dump valve to rapidly deflate the bladders to prevent trapping.

Oceanic Safety Systems provides the brain for the system. Powered by two 123a batteries, the inflator can provide hundreds of inflations on a single set. Once the user has selected his mode and parameters, the unit remembers these settings for future use. Simple to use, this inflator can be configured for soldiers, swimmers, divers, and warriors transported over the water. False inflations, common to other inflators cannot happen with this inflator. It will not accidentally inflate in rain, or waves, and it is completely airplane safe.


ANYONE in danger of drowning: This automatic system protects those incapacitated or unconscious.

Special forces: Inflation can be automatic, or delayed for a few seconds. Inflation depth can be changed from the surface to 3-feet, or to any depth.

Transport over water, or boarding: The depth and time for inflation can be each set allowing users to dodge propellers, or simply provide additional time for self rescue.

Crossing rivers: Setting the depth, for example at 3 feet, will protect if the soldier is swept under, but it will not otherwise interfere with the crossing.

Rescue swimmers and first responders: The small size allows for easy swimming or riding in a boat. Should the victim pull the rescuer under, the vest will inflate.

Suitable for Rebreather operations: A special mode allows for unlimited time under the water, but will cause inflation at the desired depth should the soldier sink out. .






Provides information to the user:

1. The unit is on and informs the current mode,

2. Allows users to change modes on the fly.

3, Four button presses causes inflation.

4. With a brisk yank on the remote button cord, you may also command inflation.




The Remote button and wire (not used in surfer model)




The remote button allows users to pause the programmed inflation for exiting a sinking aircraft, or escaping a submerged boat.