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Unlike other "automatic" inflators, this product is immune to rain, humidity or wave splashes.


Robust—rated to 60 meters and inflates at the exact second and meter depth selected. Weight—12 ounces.


No expensive or time-consuming rearming elements to change, just replace the cylinder and go.


Accepts any CO2 cylinder, 3/8-inch, or 1/2-inch threads, and it is compatible with any cylinder cap, including tough flat caps.


The buoyancy ranges from 30 to 700 pounds, depending on the choice of cylinder.

Built from tough reinforced polycarbonate and hardened stainless steel.

Approved and safe for air travel. This unit will not accidentally inflate in aircraft, and it is TSA approved.




Use one of the per-programmed settings, or set the time and depth of inflation.

Easy one-button selection of modes for diving, surfing and military, and for setting the time and depth of inflation.


The computer code is self contained and cannot be hacked by external programmers such as mobile phones.


Powered by two123a lithium batteries for over 100, 8-hour days of operation.


On start-up, the electronics self-test and warn the user of a fault with a red light and a message.

Great for recovering valuable sinking assets, even Jet Skis.


High-resolution display provides easy instructions, choices, and feedback.


Positive confirmation the unit is armed and ready.


Five years between servicing.




Provides information to the user:

1. The unit is on and informs the current mode,

2. Allows users to change modes on the fly.

3, Four button presses causes inflation.

4. With a brisk yank on the remote button cord, you may also command inflation.




The Remote button and wire (not used in surfer model)




The remote button allows users to pause the programmed inflation for exiting a sinking aircraft, or escaping a submerged boat.