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The Programmable Submersible Life Vest (PSLV) for Military

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Read Ex SEAL Dom Raso's review (and be sure and view the imbedded video.)


The multiple function, programmable, submersible life vest, we call the Military Recovery Vest (MRV) is the first automatic inflating vest available in four modes: Immersion or "Auto" mode and Submersion "Dive" mode, Delayed inflation "Delay" mode, and "Scuba" mode

In Immersion or Auto mode, the MRV is an auto-inflating PFD, and is virtually immune to wave splashes, heavy rain, and high humidity. While a wet environment will not set it off, simply immersing into the water will.

In Submersion or Dive mode, the MRV inflates only when the user's self-set time and/or depth triggers are exceeded. This valuable delay in inflation allows for the operator to:
1. Recover from a fall into the water when early inflation is not desirable and could be detrimental.
2. Recover lost gear, or to save a sinking buddy.
3. Useful for recovery from sink holes in rivers or swamps.
4. Time to escape a sinking aircraft or an overturned boat to avoid early inflation that might trap them.

The Depth trigger is valuable when the operator is faced with a rapid sink rate, which can accelerate as he descends into deep water. Even though the time trigger has not been met, exceeding the depth limit will cause inflation.

In Scuba mode, the user may stay underwater as long as the mission requires, however if he exceeds his depth setting, the MRV will fire. This mode is useful in shallow-water tactical rebreather operations.

In Delay mode, users specify the time after they fall into the water before inflation. Often soldiers simply fall or slip into the water and do not want immediate inflation, preferring to self recover by climbing on a boat, or up a bank and thus avoiding unnecessary inflation. The delay time is set by the user. By pushing the remote button, the mode is suspended for one minute allowing operators time to be inserted in deep water, or alternatively to escape a sinking helicopter.


Immediate surface inflation: Protection from falling into the water when you want immediate inflation—use AUtO Mode.
Delayed surface inflation:
Protection from falling into shallow water when you want a short delay for self rescue, for example falling off the boat into the water—use dELy Mode.
Sinking too deep, or for too long inflation: Protection from falling into deep water when you want protection from sinking too deep or from being held down too long—use Sub Mode.
Excessive depth protection: When you are in shallow scuba or rebreather ops and you want protection from sinking too deep—use ScbA Mode.

The remote light/switch: You can cause immediate inflation by pressing the button 4 times rapidly or by simply yanking on the remote wire.
Remote switch modes:In either AUtO Mode or Sub Mode, you can change between these two modes on the fly by pressing the remote button for 4 seconds or more. Pressing the button for a second or two tells you if the unit is on and which mode it is in—blink for AUtO Mode, and steady for Sub Mode.
Remote pause operations:
In either dELy Mode or ScbA Mode, pressing the remote button pauses operations for one minute. After 45 seconds the remote light will start to blink, warning you the operation will resume. You can press the button again to add another one-minute delay. The pause stops the time and depth sensors allowing you to temporarily halt the time and depth protection. Useful for deep insertion or in an sinking overturned helicopter when you want more time to exit.

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