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The Freedivers Recovery Vest Mark II

User Testimonials

I simply cant not say enough good things about the frv.  As a father to 4 young children I knew to participate in  this sport I love I needed to take every precaution.  Before the vest arrived I was still a little apprehensive due to the cost and worries about the mobility of wearing it.  That all was put to rest the day I received it.  This vest is an engineering marvel.  The quality of the parts and the attention to detail were extraordinary.  This thing is like NASA quality in terms of construction.  I had heard from others before I purchased that you were a little on the perfectionist side, that was an understatement. 
 I wear the vest every time I dive.   My kids are almost of age (they are getting tired of watching from the boat)  and I will be buying one for each of them to join me.  The peace of mind it has provided me has actually increased my fun and enjoyment of the sport.  Thanks Terry for your innovation. I have a feeling this vest is going to save many lives.
  Ken Ouellette  __________________________________

The tragedy of the sport of freediving is that shallow water black out strikes suddenly and without warning and is no respecter of age, experience or skill.  Every freediver is at risk on every dive.   The single most important contributing factor to the successful resuscitation of a shallow water black out victim is immediate recovery with prompt initiation of rescue breathing.

If you black out and your dive buddy has to waste precious minutes trying to find you or bring you up from the bottom, your chances of survival plummet.  I know this first hand from my 28 years as a paramedic where I have led the resuscitation efforts of numerous drowning victims along the Central California coast.  Lost time can never be regained.  The most advanced emergency medical care systems have little to offer the drowning victim who has been submerged underwater beyond the few critically precious minutes following the loss of consciousness.

I have been following the development of the Freedivers Recovery Vest concept and have had the privilege of diving with and evaluating various versions and prototypes of the vest with a critical eye.   My professional occupation leaves me with a great deal of experience with the use of lifesaving rescue equipment and technologies in real-world conditions.  The FRV Mark II is a painstakingly well thought out and designed piece of safety equipment.   The meticulous quality and durability of its construction and comfort when donned will be apparent to anyone using it for the first time. 

The FRV Mark II has a vital role to play for freedivers and other water enthusiasts who take their personal safety seriously.  I’ll be wearing mine on every dive.  Although no piece of rescue equipment can answer every contingency, the FRV Mark II effectively addresses the critical importance of bringing an unconscious victim to the surface where rescue procedures can be initiated without further delay.
  Joe Tobin, Firefighter-Paramedic

As a happy owner of the Mk1 I can vouch for this vest. I have used it almost every spearing dive now for 2 years and it is completely "lost" into the background when I am diving, and the peace of mind invaluable. I have been quite sloppy at maintenance (just a quick rinse with the hose pipe and leave to dry in shade) and have no failures or problems. Only 1 inflation so far, my fault, down too long. 0 accidental inflation.
No commercial connection here, I paid the regular full price for mine, just a happy customer wishing to endorse a great product.

  azapa, posted on Deeper Blue Forums   __________________________________

We were lucky enough to get to test the new Mark II vest this past weekend. Having owned their FRVs for over a year now, my sons were very impressed with the new streamlined design. They were especially pleased with the absence of the dive computer and how much more simple the unit was to operate. The new online YouTube videos made it easy to quickly grasp operational aspects of the vest. Quite frankly, they couldn't wait to test it out in the water. Everything worked perfectly, as expected. This much more streamlined version of the original FRV does not sacrifice an ounce of the important safety features - in fact the enhanced simplicity of it probably makes it a safer product. We were very impressed.
I had to return this demo unit to Terry, but we can't wait to receive the boys' new Mark II vests. Awesome job, Terry. If you're a spearfisher, this is a great life-saving product and an important piece of gear to add to your bag.
  Julie Richardson, founder DiveWise
http://www.divewise.org/  __________________________________


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