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The Surfers Recovery Vest

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The Surfers Recovery Vest (SRV) is the first automatic inflating vest to guard against hold downs while injured or unconscious. The chest straps and lapels are designed to minimize interference with the surfboard, while at the same time, allowing complete freedom for paddling into sets.

Designed with input from the nation's best big wave riders, the SRV features the following:

1. Automatic inflation when users exceed their self-set maximum time under the water.
2. Manually inflates to produce a minimum lift at 30 feet of 34 pounds.
3. Streamlined and light weight. Non-interfering front straps.
4. Easy access to the two manual inflation pull.
5. Designed to provide maximal contact with the board.
6. At just 3.7 pounds, the back-centered inflation mechanism provides for easy balance.
7.Dual Rip Cords allows the user to easily deflate if caught in the surf line while inflated.
8. Heavy duty, but light design cannot be dislodged even in the heaviest surf.

9. Special program code, which compensates for the big wave environment—a delay on the depth trigger to allow for a duck dive under a big wave, and a cumulative time trigger for multiple hold downs in a large wave set.

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